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Family Law Attorney In Tampa

Family law is an area were compassion and firm assertion of your rights are both required. Ms. Jean-Pierre Coy has the familiarity with the Tampa Bay area courts and the family-oriented attitude you need when you are negotiating a divorce, child custody or another area related to family law.

Divorce Law in Tampa

Strong but compassionate representation assures a settlement that is fair while preserving your rights. We provide individuals who are facing divorce with a realistic assessment of their options. We listen to your needs and your desires and help broker a settlement that represents your interests. We consider it a duty to help establish an equitable division of marital assets, including the fair division of retirement accounts, investments, small businesses and other assets.

Child Custody and Child Support

We assist our clients in establishing custody agreements, including residential custody. We broker fair visitation and financial support agreements. If you have questions about paternity, parental rights, father’s rights or child support responsibility, we are happy to counsel you and negotiate on your behalf.

Our staff works diligently to guide you in decisions relating to visitation and joint custody. We are also skilled in handling child relocation matters.

We will take the time to carefully explain your rights, your responsibilities and your options. This includes key deicisions made by parents on the behalf of their children involving religion, education, values and health care.

Child Support Modification and Enforcement

In some cases, it can be difficult to get another parent to comply with the conditions of child support and visitation. We are able to counsel our client in these issues to help them get back to a situation that is fair and equitable to them, the other parent and any involved children. Ms. Jean-Pierre Coy has significant experience filing motions on behalf of her clients. She is able to counsel them on what is possible and help them find agreements that they are happy with.

Divorce and child custody are sensitive matters. Decisions made now can affect your lives for decades to come. Ms. Jean-Pierre Coy can offer a sympathetic ear and calm counsel to help you make rational decisions that can provide for the best possible outcomes for you and your children.

Are you considering a divorce or involved in child custody or child support issues? Contact our offices today for an initial consultation. Ms. Jean-Pierre Coy and her staff will talk to you about your options and the best ways to proceed.

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